Our Services

We are a consultancy that provides independent advice on mergers and acquisitions and capital raising, as well as asset management services to corporations, partnerships, institutions and individuals. As a firm, we work tirelessly to create the best outcomes for our clients with financial solutions that are tailored, uncompromising and responsible.

We specialise in providing strategic advice on M&A and capital-raising transactions as well as asset management services to a large client base of Indian conglomerates, corporations, entrepreneurs and private equity funds with special skills in assisting medium sized companies going public and proven our capability in financial services particularly in the field of resources mobilisation through capital issues or debt placement, business reorganization through corporate and financial restructuring including merger, de-merger and amalgamation and advisory services for new projects, expansion / diversification plans, induction of strategic investors in emerging and growing businesses.

We are, by integrating over 50 years of combined experience, empowered with tremendous depth, creativity and versatility, all essential to completing major projects and sophisticated financial transactions.

Assisting Investment

The Firm works with its clients to raise capital to fund their growth subtlety.

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Debt Syndication

Aligning our ability to structure complex arrangements and transactions with the needs of our clients.

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Project Finance Advisory

Our teams have the experience of compiling techno-economic feasibility study.

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Debt Restructuring

Allowing  company that has cash flow problems to reduce & renegotiate its delinquent debts.

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Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions, project valuation for capital restructuring.

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Inter-Corporate Placement

Our teams have the experience of compiling techno-economic viability reports or techno-economic feasibility study.

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